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Received at: 10/16/99 10:31:31 PM from cynthia
and i thought love knots werent in anymore?
Received at: 10/17/99 1:02:10 PM from Red
Received at: 10/28/99 9:16:14 AM from onuma

Received at: 10/31/99 9:58:30 AM from laura
she loves me ... she loves me knot
Received at: 11/15/99 9:49:06 AM from boogie
ALL TIED UP!!!!!!!!!
Received at: 11/30/99 10:45:45 AM from Missymaw
I'm all in Knots over you babe!!
Received at: 12/24/99 3:27:07 AM from James
Look at that ass, too bad im all tided up right now.
Received at: 1/3/00 2:16:29 AM from Bane
Received at: 1/10/00 12:27:40 AM from Melissa
too bad she is only a picture.
Received at: 1/14/00 4:59:47 AM from Daniel P. Wilkins.
Every time i try to 'log' onto the 'LoveStacy (Rothman/Rossman) website, my 'SERVE-HER'(server) gets tied up, and I have to re-boot,eeh! (booty)!"
Received at: 1/27/00 7:23:27 AM from Mauro

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No quero,No e No!
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